Double-Diffusive Convection Code Using a Pseudo-Spectral Method


This code is meant to illustrate the use of spectral methods to solve a nontrivial hydrodynamics problem. It was written for the NASA/Goddard Summer School on High Performance Computing.

ddcon2d solves the two-dimensional Navier-Stokes equations for Boussinesq convection by Fourier Galerkin + Collocation method. The system models double-diffusive convection in which two agents (e.g. heat and a solute) have opposing contributions to the bouyancy and diffuse at different rates. The problem is of relevance to oceans (heat + salt) and mixing in stars (heat + angular momentum, heat + concentrations etc.) It has been studied extensively in the laboratory, under different guises. The current set-up models the occurence of various waves (standing and traveling convection waves)

The code uses Temperton's Fast Fourier Transforms, public domain versions of which are posted as a courtesy. A README file is included. The code dumps field data and time traces into data files. These can be read and the flow visualized using any number of graphics packages. In particular, two Interactive Data Language (IDL) routines for this visualization are also provided as a courtesy.

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Anil Deane/UMCP